Corona Check

Anonymous Corona self-assessment, tips and news

The 7 questions of the Corona Check help with the early detection of COVID-19.



You can perform Corona Check for yourself or your relatives for early detection of COVID-19. The criteria for this are based on the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute and are updated regularly. You can use this app again at any time.

Quick Result

The result of the Corona Check self-assessment contains clear recommendations on how you should behave personally and, if necessary, how you can protect your fellow human beings.

News Ticker

The News Ticker informs you promptly about important news in the Corona crisis.


The app gives you practical tips on how to behave in this crisis. This includes measures for self and external protection.


The Corona Check App was developed within the framework of a scientific collaboration between German university partners, the Bavarian Health Authority and software companies.

We are happy to receive any feedback to:

University of Würzburg

Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry

Prof. Rüdiger Pryss, PhD
Prof. Peter Heuschmann, MD
Carsten Vogel, MSc
Julian Haug, BSc
Fabian Haug, BSc
Michael Stach, MSc

Service Center Medical Informatics (SMI) at Würzburg University Hospital

Helmut Greger, Dipl-Inf

Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority

State Institute of Health

Prof. Thomas Keil, MD
(also University of Würzburg)
Carolin Stupp, MSc

Ulm University

Institute for Databases and Information Systems (DBIS)  and Institute for Clinical Systems Biology (SYSBIO)

Johannes Schobel, PhD
Prof. Manfred Reichert, PhD
Prof. Hans Kestler, PhD

LA2 GmbH, The Software Manufacture
specialized in regulatory software development/consulting

Marc Holfelder

University of Regensburg

Clinic and Policlinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI)

Winfried Schlee, PhD, Lecturer
(also Tinnitus Research Initiative)
Prof. Berthold Langguth, MD
(also Tinnitus Research Initiative)
Jana Langguth, MD
(Public Health Office Regensburg)
Stella Wölflick
Stefan Wallner
Axel Schiller